Creative Ministries

We provide website development, hosting and other software development services to churches, charities and small businesses.

Website development

The traditional problems of an out-of-date website can be easily overcome by the application of suitable technologies and update techniques. At Creative Ministries we don't believe that you should need to come back to us in order to have new or updated information added to your website - you should be able to do it! As well as overcoming the barrier of needing to approve extra expense whenever a new event needs to be listed on your site, it also allows greater involvement in the website from your staff or congregation, as they can be invited to provide previews of forthcoming events, reviews of past events, other news and so on.

We have learnt many techniques while creating the websites for our many customers, which we apply, as required, to enable your site to be easily updatable by the lay person who has no specialist knowledge in website creation techniques.

Here are some of the sites we've developed. They are a mix of church and commercial sites.

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Please get in touch via email if you would like to discuss possible projects.